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3 Nights in Prague

3 Nights in Prague

I have been wanting to visit Prague for a few years now and was so excited to go this Easter. We headed over to Prague for the 3 day weekend and snapped tons of photos and ate tons of these delicious chimney cakes ("trdelnik"). 

Day 1:

We arrived at lunch time, so we headed straight from the aiport to our Airbnb which was perfectly located at Malostranke namesti in the Malostranke area of Praha 1. I would definitely recommend staying in this area as it was still close to everything but slightly less crowded than Old Town.

After dropping off our bags we went to grab a quick lunch at Creperie U Kajetana. I had read that this place has the best chimney cakes (trdelnik) but they also serve meals. We had a quick lunch and a delicious dessert. After trying many chimney cakes during our short trip, I have to say this one was the best and we came back for a final chimney cake on our last day before heading to the airport.

From there we headed up the hill towards the Strahovsky monastery. We went into the library, which was paid entry and a bit of a letdown, because then you also had to pay if you wanted to take photos.. so keep that in mind if you want to visit.

Prague is extremely picturesque and the views were gorgeous all around, despite the rain that arrived during our walk back down the hill towards Old Town.  We headed into St Nicholas church (the one we can see from our Airbnb window!) and despite there being some renovation happening on the inside, we were still wowed by the beauty of this church and it's pink hues.

We wandered Old Town for a bit until we wanted to escape the rain and insane crowds and headed into U Supa, a brewery located in Old Town which is also the oldest brewery with a pub in Prague, and had some beer while we waited out the rain. (P.S. Its true that beer is almost as cheap as water in Prague!).

Around dinner time we headed to U Medvidku to try our hand at some traditional Czech food. It wasn’t our favorite, but no real complaints.  The best part of this dinner was afterwards when I grabbed a chimney cake from Good Food bakery... but then again I'd always skip dinner and go straight to dessert if I could hehe.

Day 2:

Rise and shine, we woke up at 7 AM with the sunlight and were delighted to see blue skies. We headed out early to try and catch a glimpse of Old Town and the Charles Bridge without the mass amounts of tourists that we witnessed the day before.

Waking up early was one of our best decisions in Prague as getting to expeirence the city without the crowds was just spectacular. It was then that we were able to appreciate just how beautiful (and clean!) this city is. 

We grabbed breakfast and Bottage di Finestra which is conveniently located just at the entrance of Old Town off the Charles Bridge.  It was a tasty breakfast and filled us up until lunch.

We decided to enjoy the sunshine and wanted to go up to a vantage point. The first thought I had was to go to the Clementinum which houses a beautiful library and a view over Old Town Square but unfortunately, even though we arrived right at 10AM when it opened, there was a long line and they only allow for guided tours... so we instead headed over to U Prince terrace restaurant to catch a glimpse of their gorgeous view. From there we walked across the river once again to the famous swans of Prague to snap some photos.

The rest of the day we wandered around and enjoyed the Easter markets, shops, and  the beautiful views Prague has to offer and headed up towards Prague Castle. This was the first time we decided to use the public transport in Prague and I would highly recommend it, it was super easy to understand and very convenient. After that one time we continued to use the trams and metro system.

Prague castle offers spectacular views of the city. We did visit the inside of a few locations within the castle walls, but it was really the gardens and views that wowed us.

That night we headed off for a vegetarian/vegan dinner at Etnosvet. It was delicious and definitely the best meal we had in Prague! I wish we could go back.

Day 3:

We woke up early again and headed to breakfast at Bottega La Bistroteka. This platter was copious and delicious, I took the sweet breakfast and my boyfriend took the savory. We would recommend the sweet one!

Unfortunately after breakfast we didn't have much time so we walked back and snapped a few final photos of this fairytale city before heading off to the airport after one final chimney cake.

All in all, Prague was a beautiful city and I hope to visit it again when its warmer and more green. Have you ever been to Prague? It should definitely be on your list!

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