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Best of Bangkok

Best of Bangkok

After many years of dreaming about it I have finally made it to Thailand! First stop on the list: Bangkok- the famous "gateway to Southeast Asia".  Having only two nights here I had to be quite picky with the planning, but it all worked out perfectly. 

My first impression of Bangkok was a bit unsure, I think there was a bit of culture shock and concern with all the cockroaches, but as my short time went on I learned to enjoy it. It is extremely humid, with tiny trash and street-food filled streets, and an insane amount of tourists. I am glad we came to Bangkok, but I am also glad we only spent a short time there before moving on to see more of Thailand. 

We stayed at Siri Poshtel which was perfect. Great location, super clean, great staff and good wifi ;) all for a great price. In the morning we woke up early but it was raining and we were without an umbrella so we waited until about 10 when the rain stopped and headed to the Grand Palace. WOW talk about crowded. I'm talking worse than DisneyLand, this place was insanely packed. In hindsight it would be much better to get there super early. Anyways, my dress didn't cover my shoulders or my knees so I purchased a sarong and light shirt to put on in order to get in and be respectful of the dress codes not only in this monument but all the others in Bangkok. 

We walked around the square and opted to skip the Emerald Buddha temple due to the price (at 500 baht this is an expensive temple in Thailand, although I'm sure its beautiful) and issue with the crowds becoming too overwhelming, but overall I'm happy we went in to see the square at least!

From there we walked to the first temple of the day: Wat Pho. This temple is absolutely gorgeous and home to the famous reclining buddha. With a much cheaper entrance price and less crowds, this temple has got to be on your list. 

Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a seemingly "touristy" air conditioned restaurant on the corner outside the temple because we were fading fast with the heat and jet lag. It ended up being delicious! This is also the first place I fell in love with coconut milk popsicles..  YUM. We rehydrated and were off by tuk tuk to Wat Arun. The tuk tuk was so much fun! Such a great way to relax a little bit and enjoy the sights around any Thai city. 

I loved Wat Arun along with the surrounding temples and little markets. Sure these places are all touristy, but it doesn't make it any less interesting and beautiful. 

We ended the day back at the famously overrun by tourists street called Khao Sarn Road. This place is wild. Its a packed tourist street thats still fun to see just for the street food vendors, clothes shops, and insect selling snack shops. We actually found what turned out to be one of our favorite restaurants so far on this trip just next to Khao Sarn Road called Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant. If you're veggie or not, you'll love this place. The food and drinks are fresh and the apple crumble dessert is heavenly.

After all the hustle and bustle, sweating in the blazing heat, and taking a million pictures of the extraordinary temples it has been a crazy start to this Thai adventure and I am on to the next stop!

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Chiang Mai -  Around Old Town

Chiang Mai - Around Old Town

West Coast Best Coast

West Coast Best Coast