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Amalfi Coast - How We Got Around

Amalfi Coast - How We Got Around

As I mentioned in my last post, we took the train from Rome to Naples. From Naples we hired a car service through a woman named Lucia who operates Lucia Pompeii Guide Tours (using Sorrento Silver Star Tours driving service). Our driver drove us from the train station to Pompeii where we had a two hour guided tour. I didn’t take many photos here but it was really fascinating (just packed full of people).

Tip: If you don’t want to take a car, there is a train from Naples to Sorrento as well, we were going to take it until we decided to go to Pompeii on the way. So even if you fly into Naples, this is a great option for you.

There was much more to Pompeii that I never knew about and our guide made it a much more enjoyable experience than what I think we would've had wandering around lost in there on our own (it is HUGE FYI). 


From Pompeii our driver took us to Sorrento which is where we stayed as a home base for our Amalfi coast portion of the trip. I didn't really look up Sorrento much before we went and I was pleasantly surprised with the city. We stayed in another Airbnb right next Cattedrale di Sorrento which was an excellent location for ease of getting to where we needed to go (and just being near the water and all the shops).

The best food in Sorrento: Ristorante Bagni Delfino (enjoy the delicious food and watch the sunset on the water).

Our original plan was take the ferry from Sorrento to Positano, but due to high winds the ferry wasn’t running that day. Luckily our driver from the day before was already planning to meet us in Positano, so instead he came and picked us up from Sorrento and drove us there. This is definitely a travel day you will want to start earlier because these cities get busy quickly and the tiny roads are very prone to major back ups.

Tip: The ferry is the easiest cheapest and convenient way to get to Positano from Sorrento, but the car service was certainly the most convenient and quickest. There is a bus system set up to take people from town to town, but the lines were huge and we were very glad to avoid them and the crowded buses. Also, you do not need to buy ferry tickets in advance, but you can if you wish.

The drive along the coast is on a tiny little winding road, and the views are spectacular. I would definitely not recommend driving this road yourself, the Italians that live here are much more used to these types of roads and how to navigate them the best.

We got dropped off in Positano and had some time to explore. We went down to the beach, around the shops, and then came across a staircase. I decided to go up and see what was at the top, and the view didn’t disappoint. So my biggest suggestion to you is: if you see stairs (not private ones of course), climb up and you might earn yourself a spectacular view.

After spending a little time wandering around Positano, we met our driver and he took us to Amalfi. We spent the rest of our time there, enjoying the beach, climbing random stairs again, eating gelato, the usual stuff.

Once again we found steps up to a gorgeous view!

You will also find a large pedestrian tunnel that goes through the mountain and you'll get to Atrani! Atrani in my opinion was the most magical looking of the three locations. It is the smallest and so beautiful.

After that our day was over and it was time to drive home. The traffic on the way back was terrible due to several large buses coming through, but the sunset over the water was spectacular.

The beauty of the Amalfi coast is absolutely stunning. I really wanted to capture just how beautiful it was and I did not succeed haha. These photos do not do it justice. It is absolutely stunning in person.

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